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Christ our Refuge Children’s Home: Long Term Results

Alumni of Christ our Refuge Children's Home

These alumni were some of the children first housed in Maria’s home.

Christ our Refuge Children’s Home is an orphanage and school located in Kenya.  The orphanage began in 2001 in the three bedroom home of Maria Githua, a teacher who  saw the need of her students and took them in as her own.

With your help, Save Africa’s Children was able to provide multiple grants that allowed the organization to expand and build both dormitories and classrooms.  Today many of the alumni of Christ our Refuge Children’s Home are college graduates and now serve in some capacity at the organization.  Some work as teachers, directors and care givers.  Simon, for example, is in his fifth year in medical school at a prestigious University and often returns to mentor the children currently residing at COR.

Simon and Maria

These alumni are a testament of how your support impacts the lives of students throughout Africa.  Because of your help kids like Faith (pictured below) not only have hope but can now have faith that they too will have a promising life ahead.


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